Condo Insurance

As a condominium owner in California, you are exposed to a number of unique risks that a standard homeowners policy does not cover.

Your condo association already has a master insurance policy that covers your building for certain risks. But what about your personal property? What about your personal liability risks? Your condo is part of a larger communal setting, but your condominium insurance needs to be all about protecting you and your assets.

Therefore, you need a powerful protection program that's customized to fit your individual needs.  

When you request a fast, free quote, you'll receive the personalized guidance of a local condo insurance expert, who will help guide you through the many coverage options that are available to you.

Worried about costs? Don't be!  

California condominium insurance can be very affordable. Since the main building is already be covered by the master policy, you want to make sure you don't overpay for what you don't need. However, you don't want to expose yourself by being under-insured either, so trust the condo experts at Sun Pacific Insurance to put together an affordable program that's just right for you!