How To Insure A Golf Cart

How To Insure A Golf Cart

| May 12, 2021
Are you tearing around your golf course, neighborhood, or even the highway in your beautiful, decked-out golf cart? Nice! Way to live the dream.

However, you may not know that those sweet rides need to be insured in the same way as your car or truck.

Even though they are smaller, accidents happen each year that makes golf cart insurance a necessity. Check out the following ways that golf cart insurance can help:

  • Liability - Just like auto insurance, this covers damage you cause to others while driving your golf cart.
  • Comprehensive and Collision - Also, like auto, this covers your vehicle. Typical claims involve theft, running into something, or even animal damage.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured - If you’re playing with a friend who doesn’t have golf cart insurance and they hit you, this can help cover the gap.
  • Guest Passenger Coverage - This is a big deal. This covers friends or guests who may be hurt when riding with you. And we know how fast you take those turns.

A simple policy can save you a bundle if you have an accident. Also, it counts towards your bundled policies as well, saving you some money.