Apartment Insurance

Your apartment building(s) are one of your most important lifetime investments.  But it can be difficult to keep unforeseen events from ruining that investment.

In order to avoid a disastrous claim, you need a reliable insurance plan that's customized to fit your individual needs. As the owner or investor of an apartment building, condo, triplex, or duplex, you have specific needs that a "standard" insurance policy might not cover. From the potential challenges of having tenants, to weather-related property damage, to liability protection, you need an apartment insurance specialist to ensure your assets are adequately protected.

That's why we have a dedicated, local apartment insurance specialist, who can offer you financial security and peace of mind in knowing that your investments are properly protected.

Potential Expenses Rental Property Insurance Should Cover

If a fire were to compromise half of your investment property, could you…

  • Afford to pay the full mortgage and utilities without the full rents coming in during repair?
  • Afford to pay for my tenants to be moved out of their units while repairs are being made?
  • Afford to rebuild the building to meet the new code requirements?
  • Afford to pay for your tenant’s personal belongings that were lost in the fire?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no" or "I don't know," it may be time to have your policy reviewed.  We'll provide you with a FREE, comprehensive audit of your current insurance program to make sure you don't have any potential gaps that could lead to an unpaid insurance claim. Finally, you can get rock-solid coverage at an affordable price!