Boating trips can be some of the greatest vacations you'll ever take. Whether it's a day on the water in Dana Point, a simple weekend trip to the nearest lake or a week long houseboat trip, being out on the water is just plain fun!  With this fun comes a large amount of unpredictability.  Between the way water and weather can act to the other boaters out on the water, anything can and will happen.  It only makes sense to properly protect yourselves and those around you with Personal Watercraft Insurance.

The great thing about a Watercraft policy from Sun Pacific Insurance is that it will cover your boat at all times: out of the water, on the docks and out in the open water. Coverage options include, but are not limited to:

  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage to protect your boat
  • Trailer Coverage
  • Jet Ski Insurance to protect others around you
  • On-Craft Medical Coverage
  • Towing and Assistance Costs
  • Coverage for the personal effects included on a boat
 With Sun Pacific, you get more than just boat insurance. You get powerful coverage tailored specifically for your personal watercraft.  Get insured today and hit the water knowing you're covered.

  • About Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers

    For over 30 years, Sun Pacific Insurance has delivered top quality protection plans to water sport enthusiasts in the California area. Our agents are committed to providing you with continual education designed help you become a smarter insurance consumer. In addition, we promise to go well beyond your expectations by providing customer service that is guaranteed to astonish you.

    Discover how to save money and increase protection with a personalized watercraft insurance policy by calling our office or completing the Protection Savings Form on this page right now!