Protect Your Family And Assets With Umbrella Liability Insurance

If insurance is for a rainy day, umbrella insurance is for a complete storm!

Umbrella insurance actually "sits" on top of your auto, homeowners or renters, and other policies with liability coverage. Say you have a per-person liability limit of $250,000 on your auto policy. Say also that you cause an accident in which a driver or passenger in the other car is ultimately awarded $450,000 for their injuries and loss of income.

Your auto policy will pay the first $250,000, and your umbrella will kick in the remaining $200,000.

It is unfortunate, but today we live in a litigious world. People are always looking to take advantage of society and earn a quick buck no matter who is affected in the process. This sad fact leaves you and your family open to possible exposure you may not realize:

  • Forfeiture of your home
  • Loss of your savings
  • Forfeiture of future earnings

You've worked hard all your life to get to the position you are in financially, so now it's time to protect your assets with an umbrella policy, which provides an extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Plus, umbrella insurance is surprisingly affordable.  For about $30/month, you can get an extra $1 million layer of protection over your auto and home policies!

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