California Teen Driver Insurance

As soon as your kids turn 16, the constant chorus from the backseat begins: "Which car do I get to drive?" and "When can I start driving?

You're not surprised, of course. It is the same question we all asked at that age. With the widespread layout of Southern California, you need a car to go between school, home, shopping and all of our natural attractions.

On the other hand, the statistics for teen driving are scary. The NHTSA lists driving accidents as the number one killer of teenagers and they are involved in three times as many accidents as all other drivers.

As a parent, you have two resources to help. First, there are many local and national driver education programs that are far more in-depth than what you will find in ordinary license classes.

Second, you need great teen driver insurance. You want to make sure your children and vehicle are protected with collision and medical coverage. And also with a policy that covers your liability if an at-fault accident occurs.

You also want a great rate on your teen driver insurance. That’s where Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers comes in. Rates for teens can be sky high, so you'll need one of our helpful staff to sit down and work with your current vehicle policy to customize an affordable solution.

Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers

For over 30 years, our professionals at Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers have delivered top quality teen driver insurance solutions to families. Our agents go well beyond your expectations, with an emphasis on excellent customer service and a commitment to continual education. We have offices located in Mission Viejo and Tustin for your convenience.

Get fully protected with the right insurance policy for your teen driver today by visiting Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers, calling our office at (949)582-5220, or completing the Protection Savings Form on this page right now!