California RV Insurance

When you think about your recreational vehicle, it's all about getting into the wide open; to let loose, open the throttle wide and enjoy the outdoors. Your precious getaway to the ocean or desert takes you miles away from work and ordinary worries.

Keep the good times rolling by taking care of RV insurance before you heading out. Accidents, liability and medical costs are not what you want on your mind while you are enjoying time outside.

That is where recreational vehicle insurance comes in: before you head out on the road, sit down with a Sun Pacific recreational vehicle insurance specialist to help protect your:

Recreational Vehicle (RV): Whether you've got a deluxe motor home or a tow-along trailer, insure your home away from home. You'll need an RV-specific hybrid policy that can work as both vehicle insurance and as home insurance.

Motorsports: Whether you own a personal watercraft, snowmobile or ATV, you want to make sure to protect it against loss, theft, and damage. Also, you'll want to make sure your medical coverage protects you in case of injury.

Boat Insurance: Whether you depart from Dana Point Harbor to go out in the great Pacific Ocean or you drive your boat to enjoy the nearest lake, anything can happen. Protect your boat, passengers and yourself from liability with a custom boat insurance policy.

You'll be surprised just how affordable and complete recreational vehicle insurance can be -- especially if you just pick the coverage you need for each adventure.

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For over 30 years, Sun Pacific Insurance has delivered top quality recreational vehicle insurance solutions to adventurers. Our agents go well beyond your expectations, with an emphasis on excellent customer service and a commitment to continual education.

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