California Motorcycle Insurance

The statistics race through your head faster than the white lines pass you on the road: as a motorcycle rider, you are 9X more likely to be injured in a crash than a car driver is. This is according to a recent study from the NHSTA.

Your motorcycle allows you to avoid the frequent stops that snarl our Southland freeways. It also brings another fact of motorcycle riding: almost 1/2 of all motorcycle accidents occur as you are passing a car on the left.

To be able to enjoy your ride, it's necessary to get all of the peace of mind you can before you head out on the road. That's where your Sun Pacific Insurance agent can help you with motorcycle insurance.

Here are the types of coverage options you'll want to consider:

  • Comprehensive - Covers your bike in case of theft or damage not in a collision
  • Collision - Protects your bike from costs incurred during a collision
  • Medical - Covers your medical expenses within pre-set limits
  • Uninsured Motorist - Protects you in case the wrongful party has no insurance

Even more so than an auto policy, you'll want to make sure that your motorcycle insurance amounts have enough protection in each of these critical areas. Too little or too much, and you’re either exposed to great risk or you are paying too much.

Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers

For over 30 years, Sun Pacific Insurance has delivered top quality insurance solutions to riders looking for motorcycle insurance. Our agents go well beyond your expectations, with an emphasis on excellent customer service and a commitment to continual education.

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