California Flood Insurance

In Southern California, chances are your lender may not require you to get specific flood insurance for your home. But there is a very good reason it is still offered in our area: homeowners end up needing it all the time. Yes, even here.

Fact: Floods are the number one natural disaster in all 50 states, according to FEMA. That includes California.

Especially in recent seasons, after a fire has struck. If we get any precipitation the ground acts like a concrete conduit, sending water rushing down the hills towards our homes. Even miles away, homes can be flooded as roads collect water to form a fast-rushing stream.

Even a flood that leaves just a few inches of muddy water on your house floors will costs thousands of dollars to clean and it will cost even more to replace the valuable furniture.

Here’s the catch: your standard homeowners insurance policy generally does not protect you from flood-related costs. FEMA assistance is also very rarely awarded and needs Presidential approval in order to be invoked. That’s why it’s so important you protect yourself with the appropriate Flood Insurance policy today.

The great news is that very few homeowners are required to carry flood insurance in our area, which makes it surprisingly affordable to protect yourself from this otherwise very costly disaster.

Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers

Our expert agents at Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers have helped protect local homeowners for over 30 years. Together with you, we can find a policy that will help maximize your flood insurance, at the lowest price possible.

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