California Workers Compensation

In business, it's called a win-win situation. The fact is this: in California, workers compensation insurance is required by law for anyone with one or more employees. But what you mght not know is that it's also a great deal.

Here's why...

With workers compensation insurance in place, your employees get immediate, covered medical care for an on-the-job injury. In return, as an employer, an employee cannot sue you for negligence.

Workers compensation insurance provides six basic benefits:

  1. Medical Care
  2. Temporary Disability Benefits
  3. Permanent Disability Benefits
  4. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
  5. Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
  6. Death Benefits.

Our experienced agents can explain the details and differences between these benefits to make sure you fully understand the protection you’re getting.

With good workers compensation insurance, if a dispute arises as to the amount of needed benefits after a claim is filed, the CA Division of Workers Compensation will even step in to help you resolve it.

So this is one business decision that’s easy: you get important protection, you get peace of mind and it's the law.

Still, the costs and protection levels can vary. And that’s why you need a trusted agent to help you get an affordable workers compensation insurance rate. You can turn to the experts at Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers for you workers compensation needs.  We'll provide you with a workers compensation program that's customized to fit the needs of your business, so that you can have the right protection, at the best possible price.

Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers

Business owners in the Southern California area have turned to Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers for over 30 years. Working closely with you, our agents will determine the coverage your business needs so you only pay for exactly what you need.

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