As a contractor, nothing is more important than providing a service to your clients in a timely and professional matter. 

However, providing this service safely and securely is just as important as getting the job done on time. Having the proper insurance coverage helps in proving to your clients that you care about providing them a service in a fast and safe way. 

Contractors Insurance is vital to all the aspects of your business as a contractor as it can keep you in business when accidents occur. Your policy can also be tailored to your specific needs by selecting from one or all of the following coverage options:

  • General Liability: Provides coverage for anyone that is injured due to your work or operations. Helps protect you in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Commercial Auto: Provides coverage for your vehicles being used in business. Your personal auto insurance policy won't cover these vehicles as you'll need a policy protecting your commercial vehicles driving to and from job sites.
  • Workers Compensation: Provides coverage for your workers while they are on the job should they hurt themselves.
  • Excess Liability: To provide an extra layer of liability coverage above all the coverage listed. Extra protection, extra professional
  • Bonds: From Surety to Professional, bonds help provide a promise that someone will fulfill their side of the contract.

We've helped hundreds of local contractors get the right coverage, at the best possible price - let us do the same for you!

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