California Auto Insurance

When The Bill is Worse Than The Crash...

Think of all the times you have driven by a car crash on the 5 or 405 Freeway: the shattered glass, the crushed metal, and the blinking lights of rescue vehicles and tow trucks are all familiar scenes.

But the devastation you don't see is the huge bill left behind to pay for the drivers, the vehicles and the loss of income for those involved.

Now think about your auto insurance coverage. Would you be fully protected if that were you on the side of the freeway? Consider the cost of the other car, the medical bills and loss of income liability for the other driver, not to mention your own costs.

Auto accidents these days can easily cost you over $100,000.

What would you need to do to come up with this amount of money if your auto insurance does not cover it?

In today's economy, many motorists are reasonably concerned about the cost of auto insurance. That's why you need a trusted auto insurance expert to sort out exactly what you can afford to cut, and determine what coverage is absolutely vital to you.

Worried About the Costs?

Don't get stuck with 95% of the auto insurance you need. With the right protection plan, you can literally be spared thousands of dollars...and more importantly, gain peace of mind.

When it comes to auto insurance in the Southern California area, local motorists turn to Sun Pacific Insurance to make sure they are adequately protected.

The Sun Pacific Auto Insurance professionals can help you with these critical areas:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Liability and medical protection
  • Good driver discounts
  • Anti-theft discounts
  • Multiple car and driver discounts
  • Multi-policy discounts

About Sun Pacific Insurance Brokers

For over 30 years, Sun Pacific Insurance has delivered top quality protection plans to motorists looking for auto insurance in the Southern California area. Our agents are committed to providing you with continual education designed help you become a smarter insurance consumer. In addition, we promise to go well beyond your expectations by providing customer service that is guaranteed to astonish you.

Discover how to save money and increase protection with a personalized, proven and trusted auto insurance policy by calling our office or completing the Protection Savings Form on this page right now!