Package Plus
Auto + Home = a whole lot more.  Nearly every insurance company out there is talking about bundling insurance policies - combining auto and homeowners - for a discount.  Kemper offers something even better.

When you buy a Kemper Preferred Package Plus policy, you can enjoy one-bill convenience, additional coverage, a discount on your Auto and Homeowners premium and Blanket Property Limit (BPL). Watch this short video to discover more...

When you combine your Kemper Preferred Auto and Homeowners insurance policies into a Package Plus, you enjoy:

  • One-bill convenience Additional coverage like
  • Replacement Cost Contents
  •  A Package Plus discount on your Auto and Homeowners policies
  •  Increased Homeowners coverages
  •  Blanket Property Limit coverage  

Here's how Blanket Property Limit coverage works:

Homeowners policies typically include four categories of property coverage:

  1. Coverage A: Dwelling (primary structure)
  2. Coverage B: Other structures (secondary structure, e.g. detached garage)
  3. Coverage C: Personal property (contents)
  4. Coverage D: Loss of use (alternate living arrangements)

There is a defined limit, or maximum amount companies will pay, for each of these categories. Typically, if you make a claim on your Homeowners policy, the maximum the insurance company will pay is the stated limit for each category.

However, with Package Plus, Kemper combines the limits of each line of coverage into a single “blanket” of coverage. This new, combined amount becomes the maximum amount we will pay for a loss in any of the four categories.

Example: You have a home with a detached garage on the same property. You bought a homeowners policy with the following limits:

Coverage A: Dwelling, $500,000
Coverage B: Other structures (detached garage), $50,000
Coverage C: Personal property, $350,000
Coverage D: Loss of use, $100,000

This means that your Blanket Property Limit is $1,000,000, or an amount equal to the limits in all four categories ($500,000 + $50,000 + $350,000 + $100,000). There’s a fire that destroys the detached garage; the covered damage is determined to be $75,000. Under a “traditional” Homeowners policy, you would receive $50,000 (the limit of Coverage B). With Kemper Preferred’s Package Plus, you would be covered for the entire $75,000 of damage, subject to your deductible amount, since this would be well within your Blanket Limit of $1,000,000.

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