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Don't Be A Victim - Or The Cause - Of Road Rage

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Aggressive drivers – drivers who tailgate, cut others off, run red lights, honk their horns, yell or make obscene gestures – are a danger to themselves and others. If you are an aggressive driver, or the victim of one, your safety and that of your passengers and other people on the road is seriously compromised. Stress from life situations, such as problems at work, the loss of a job, a divorce, or the death of a loved one can trigger road rage, even in a person who normally practices safe driving habits. Aggressive driving can affect anyone. Even drivers who are usually calm can get angry or frustrated and act out those feelings in dangerous ways. In addition, poor traffic conditions such as crowded roads and traffic jams can be the ‘last straw’ for a driver who is already stressed or upset. Here are a few tips to protect yourself and others from the hazards of aggressive driving: Don’t drive when angry – Take time to cool off: take a walk, learn relaxation tec ...

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