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Uninsured Motorist Coverage - How Important Is It?

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A personal story from Julie Sweeney, manager of our Tustin office. Do you know what uninsured motorist coverage is? Or better yet, do you know how much coverage you have, or if you have coverage at all? Let me tell you a story… It was Easter time, my dad drove my brother back to the base at Camp Pendleton after a family dinner.  On his way back home to Orange County, he was rear ended by a drunk driver, driving at over 100 mph.  The last thing that my dad remembered was seeing his car veer toward the center divider. He woke up in the hospital a lucky man.  He was alive, but with significant injuries, including several cracked vertebrae--a broken neck.  He would spend several weeks in the hospital and months at home in a hospital bed recovering. They did catch the driver of the other car, and he was jailed for drunk driving.  But, the other driver had NO INSURANCE. Fortunately, my dad did have excellent medical insurance through his work that paid the majority of his me ...

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How To Protect Your Pets From Fires

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It's a stunning fact that half a million pets are affected every year by home fires and since July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day, there's no better time to make sure you're doing all you can to protect our furred and feathered friends. It's also true that many house fires are actually caused by pets, so you'll be doing yourself a favor too by taking sensible precautions. For example: extinguish open flames which often arouse pet curiosity, remove glass bowls from wooden decks (they can ignite wood), secure or remove loose wires, and keep young animals away from potential fire-starting hazards. Every summer, Southern California is threatened with the presence of wild fires.  Therefore, it's better to be prepared and think about how to protect your beloved pets should an unexpected fire threaten your house or apartment. If you’re going out, leave pets near entrances where they're more easily rescued if there's a fire, and place a decal on a window that requests pet rescue and explains how man ...

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10 Vital Safety Tips for Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

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There's nothing quite like the joy of splashing around in water during the long hot days of summer. But while most of us are alert to swimming pool safety, especially where children are concerned, it's easy to overlook the fact that natural water – our oceans, lakes and rivers – have their own set of dangers, some of them equally risky to adults as well as youngsters. If you're planning a beach or waterside trip this year, here are 10 hazards to watch out for. Fast-moving currents in rivers and oceans. You can't see them but they can quickly sweep you away. Look for warning signs and do research if you're visiting somewhere new. Sudden changes in tides. Muscle power often isn’t enough to get back to shore when tides go out. Or you can be trapped on a sandbank when it sweeps in. Get to know tide times. Hidden depths. Gradients can fall away very quickly in rivers, lakes and oceans. Carefully test the ground in front of you and don’t swim in areas you haven't tested. Don ...

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