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Rental Cars and Your Auto Insurance Policy

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The first question that many clients ask us is this: "If I'm driving a rental car and have an accident where I hurt someone, am I covered?"  Generally speaking, if you are renting a car in the United States, in your name, for personal use, then the answer is: "Yes." Consider John and Mary Smith, who have a personal auto policy that covers their 2006 Toyota Prius for liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists, collision and other-than-collision.  They fly to Maui for 2 weeks of fun in the sun.  They rent a car from any one of the myriad of car rental companies, and off they go.  On the way to the hotel, John runs a red light and hits another car.  John and Mary are unhurt, but the elderly driver of the other car must be taken to the hospital.  If that injured driver sues John over his injuries, John's personal auto policy will provide him with liability coverage and a defense.  End of story. The grey area of coverage for rental cars pops up in the physical damage cove ...

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10 Tips to Avoid or Reduce Mold

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It's all around us, but mostly we can’t see it. And often we associate it with damp winter weather but it's just as common a threat during the high-humidity of summer.  We're talking mold – a common fungus species whose spores are found everywhere. In small, invisible concentrations mold spores can be harmful to health, especially for anyone who suffers a breathing disorder. Once they get together in the right environment, they party! Then you see them -- those familiar furry growths that smell musty. Dampness, condensation and high moisture content in the air promote mold growth and, with that in mind, here are a few preventive measures: Mop up spills quickly. Keep gutters clear. Keep a/c drip pans clean. Vent appliances that produce moisture. Use air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Open a window  or run a fan in the bathroom during bathing. Use exhaust fans when cooking or using a dishwasher. Prevent condensation by covering cold surfaces. ...

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Is Your Wedding Protected From the Unexpected?

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Summer not only brings great weather to Southern California, but it brings weddings too!  While most weddings proceed without any major problems or interruptions, it always helps to plan ahead and protect yourself from the unexpected. What if your venue suddenly goes out of business? What if the bridal salon loses your dress? What if your caterer backs out? Wedding insurance is an easy and affordable way to put your mind at ease for that special day.  Investing in a Wedding Protector Plan provides you and your family with several different types of coverage and coverage enhancements for the big wedding day, your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Plus, you also have the option to add liability insurance, which includes an option to add liquor liability. The coverages listed below are all available on a single policy and can be purchased with increasing limits of coverage. Cancellation / Postponement Lost Deposits Additional Expenses Event Photographs & Video
- Event Gifts ...

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