7 Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

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So you’re shopping around for auto insurance. What do you need to know? Well, here are 7 quick tips that you can save money.  Many of these money-saving ideas may apply to you.

1 ) ONE INSURER, MULTIPLE POLICIES – Do you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy? If so, is it with the same insurance company that provides your auto insurance? If the answer is no, you’re paying too much – for both policies. Almost every insurance company that sells auto insurance wants its policyholders to also buy homeowners or renters insurance from that company.These insurers offer so-called multi-policy discounts. Usually, these discounts are at least 10% and some insurers apply the discounts to both the auto and the homeowners/renters policy.

2) GOOD DRIVER, GOOD PRICE – It’s no secret that the better your driving record, the less you will pay for auto insurance. But did you know that most people qualify as “good drivers” and are eligible for discounted premiums? Some good drivers pay a lot more than others, however.  Many auto insurers are actually a collection of several insurance companies in which each caters to a certain type of driver. The worst drivers go in one company, the best in another, and a lot of people wind up in one of the middle companies.These middle people pay less than the worst drivers, but more than the best. The thing is, many of these middle people have driving records that are just as good as those who are insured by the companies that offer the lowest rates. Yet these middle people are paying more.


The usual reason is that they don’t know any better. No one told them which insurance company in the group had the best prices. And, odds are, no one even told them there was a group of insurance companies. If you have a spotless driving record, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be paying the lowest price a group of insurance companies has to offer. * Tip.  Make sure you’re getting the best discount for your driving record.  Talk to your agent.  And remember, be a safe driver.  It will save you money.

3) HIGH-PROFILE, HIGH-COST – The type of car you drive is a major factor in what you pay for insurance. Is your vehicle a magnet for thieves? Is it more expensive to repair than most cars? If the answer to either of the last two questions is yes, you’re paying more than the average car owner for insurance.

4) RAISE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE – The deductible is the amount you pay before insurance kicks in if you have a claim. For example, if you have a $250 deductible and you have an accident in which your car sustains $1,000 in damage, you pay the first $250 and your insurer pays the balance, $750. The lower the deductible you choose, the more you pay in premiums, so you can always consider raising your deductible to save some money.

* Tip.  If it’s been years since you’ve had an accident, you may be better off raising your deductible and paying less each year for insurance.

5) DROP UNNECESSARY COVERAGES – Let’s say you have an older car, one not worth very much. There’s really little point in having collision and comprehensive coverages. You don’t have much to protect. Remember, too, that you have to subtract your deductible from any potential payout you might get.

* Tip.  As a general rule, any car worth less than $1,000 shouldn’t have collision and comprehensive coverage. Between the deductible and the extra expense of these coverages, the cost is probably greater than the benefit. How much is your car worth? An auto dealer can tell you, or there are plenty of books that have values of vehicles going back many, many years.

6) DISCOUNTS, DISCOUNTS, DISCOUNTS – Auto insurance companies offer several discounts for a variety of reasons. If the car has automatic seat beats, air bags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, etc... Or, if the driver is a good student, which is especially valuable if you have teenage children who will be on your policy. * Tip.  Make sure you are taking advantage of all the discounts available to you!  Some of these discounts are not prominently advertised, but we will ensure you are getting all the discounts that you qualify for!

7) SEEK THE GUIDANCE OF A LICENSED INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL – Don’t make the mistake of simply getting one online auto insurance quote!  Too many people make this mistake and end up paying for it dearly in the end.  Getting a quote online can be useful to give you a pricing indication.  The key word there is INDICATION.

You see, computers and technology are great and all, but they can’t give you the full story.  You can’t talk to a computer and explain why you’ve had a few accidents or tickets.  That’s why you need the help of an independent agent, who will work on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the right coverage, at the best possible price.

If you would like to have a thorough review of your current auto insurance policy to make sure you have the right coverage, at the best possible price, give us a call at (949)582-5220 or email us at sales@spib.com and we'll be happy to help!


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