Is Your Dog On The "No-Fly" List?

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Is your dog on the "no-fly" list?

With $479,000,000 paid out last year by the insurance industry for dog-bite claims, the breed of dog you own is coming under serious scrutiny when it comes to your insurance.

This is especially true when you apply for new homeowners or renters insurance. This isn't to say that every dog that is a particular breed will bite someone, but from the perspective of the insurance company, the odds aren't worth it.

The average claim paid is close to $30,000. (And can be much higher if children suffer facial injuries).

Pay attention to the application--there is often a specific question as to the dog you own--its breed and weight. Don't fudge the answer, as a material misrepresentation could mean that the insurance company denies coverage for a claim when you need it the most!

The breeds topping the "no-fly" list that could get your coverage declined are:

  1. Pit Bull/Stafford Terrier
  2. Doberman
  3. Rottweiler
  4. German Shepherd
  5. Chows
  6. Great Dane
  7. Akita
  8. Alaskan Malamut
  9. Siberian Huskies
  10. Wolf Hybrid (perhaps not surprisingly!)

If you've had your policy for years, there isn't much to worry about in terms of keeping your coverage (as long as you don't have a dog-bite claim). But be sure to call us before you purchase a new dog, so that we can review the "no-fly" list and discuss appropriate changes to your coverage.

Insurance companies, though, will keep you on a 'short-leash.'  After a dog-bite liability claim, underwriters often look to non-renew your coverage as soon as they legally can - whether or not your dog's breed is on the list.

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