How to Get Insurance Coverage for Long-Term Travel

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While most of us think of being away from home, for a vacation or family visit, as being a week or two at most, travel is a long term affair for others. That may be because you're taking an extended break or perhaps traveling outside the US on a church-based mission. But whatever the purpose, the longer you’re away the more you run the risk of a mishap, and while some people choose not to take out travel insurance for regular US trips, coverage for longer trips especially abroad is essential.

The nature of this type of travel is usually quite different to a regular vacation. For example, you might be visiting multiple destinations, planning numerous "adventure" sports activities, or, in some cases, visiting areas where there are increased risks to health or personal safety. The good news is that it's possible to put together comprehensive insurance that fits your needs, including coverage for up to 12 months, health care for the particular countries you plan to visit and even specialist term life insurance for the period you're away. If you're planning an extended trip, here are some of the issues to bear in mind:

  • If you already have travel coverage, say with a credit card, you may find its duration is limited.
  • Check your other policies (and with us) to establish what coverage your already have. Most medical plans,  including Medicare, don’t cover you while abroad.
  • If it's a missionary trip, establish what coverage will be provided by your sponsor and/or host.
  • Plan your trip, including countries and activities and agree your needs well in advance to be sure of getting the policy that meets your needs at the best price.
  • Ensure you understand what risks aren't covered.
  • Find out before you leave about how to get help and make a claim if you need to do so while you're away.
  • Talk to us if you need help or advice.


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