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7 Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

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So you’re shopping around for auto insurance. What do you need to know? Well, here are 7 quick tips that you can save money.  Many of these money-saving ideas may apply to you. 1 ) ONE INSURER, MULTIPLE POLICIES – Do you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy? If so, is it with the same insurance company that provides your auto insurance? If the answer is no, you’re paying too much – for both policies. Almost every insurance company that sells auto insurance wants its policyholders to also buy homeowners or renters insurance from that company.These insurers offer so-called multi-policy discounts. Usually, these discounts are at least 10% and some insurers apply the discounts to both the auto and the homeowners/renters policy. 2) GOOD DRIVER, GOOD PRICE – It’s no secret that the better your driving record, the less you will pay for auto insurance. But did you know that most people qualify as “good drivers” and are eligible for discounted ...

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Quarterly Grand Prize Referral Winner - GoPro HERO3!

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Mike ZCongrats to Mike Zepeda for winning the quarterly grand prize referral contest!

Mike won a brand new GoPro HERO3 camera - valued at $200!

A big thanks to Mike for referring his friends and family to our agency for their insurance needs.  We build our business on your kind words and trust in us, so referring friends, family and colleagues is one of the biggest compliments we can get.

2014 Referral Rewards Program

How To Identify Odometer Fraud

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How sure can you be that the odometer mileage shown on that car you're thinking of buying is an accurate record of how far the vehicle has actually traveled?  The shocking truth is that one in ten autos on our roads today have been "clocked" – had their odometer rolled back. That means almost half a million cars are sold with false mileage readings every year. The crime is such a worry that the Department of Transportation actually has a special department to deal with it – the Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation. The law is blunt and simple on this issue: It's illegal to disconnect, alter, or reset an odometer with the intention of changing the mileage. If an owner is aware that their mileage is incorrect, they must say so in writing when they transfer title (except if the auto is more than 10 years old). So, what can you do to check if the number is accurate on a vehicle you're considering purchasing? Here are five key actions: Compare the figure in the car's title transfer doc ...

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How to Escape a Tire Blowout Safely

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Tire blowouts are bad news for every driver, but did you know they're also a factor in 23,000 road accidents every year, including more than 500 fatalities? Actually, it's not so much the blowout as what the driver does immediately afterwards that causes most of these accidents. For instance, slamming on the brakes and trying to steer to the edge of the highway is, in most cases, one of the worst things you could do because you're raising the risk of losing traction - especially dangerous if the road surface is wet. Instead, the National Safety Council (NSC) says you should grip the steering wheel tightly, take your foot off the gas to let the car slow gradually, and then try to move into the breakdown lane, signaling as appropriate. When you're totally off the pavement, brake slightly until you stop. 

"It's important to have the car well off the pavement and away from traffic before stopping," says NSC, "even if proceeding to a place of safety means rolling along slowly with the bad tire flapping.  ...

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Don't Be A Victim - Or The Cause - Of Road Rage

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Aggressive drivers – drivers who tailgate, cut others off, run red lights, honk their horns, yell or make obscene gestures – are a danger to themselves and others. If you are an aggressive driver, or the victim of one, your safety and that of your passengers and other people on the road is seriously compromised. Stress from life situations, such as problems at work, the loss of a job, a divorce, or the death of a loved one can trigger road rage, even in a person who normally practices safe driving habits. Aggressive driving can affect anyone. Even drivers who are usually calm can get angry or frustrated and act out those feelings in dangerous ways. In addition, poor traffic conditions such as crowded roads and traffic jams can be the ‘last straw’ for a driver who is already stressed or upset. Here are a few tips to protect yourself and others from the hazards of aggressive driving: Don’t drive when angry – Take time to cool off: take a walk, learn relaxation tec ...

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Understanding Insurance: If Someone Hits You, Who Reports The Claim?

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If someone hits you, and it's pretty clear that person is at fault, is it their responsibility to report the claim, or should you report the claim? According to your auto policy, it's your duty to report all claims to your insurance company, regardless of fault. People often think that they're not required to report a claim to their own insurance company if they're not at fault for the claim. However, this is incorrect. When you purchase an auto insurance policy, make sure you read the section addressing your duties in a claim to understand what circumstances call for you to report a claim. So, if you're involved in an accident, each person should report the claim to his or her own insurance company. If the accident isn't your fault and another company is willing to cover your damage, you can choose to use that company instead of your own, and it should be fairly easy for your own company to close your claim. What many people don't know is this: You can report a claim to another person's insurance company. ...

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Insurance Tips For The College-Bound

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College is expensive enough without finding out too late that an accident or theft isn’t covered under your current policies. So, as you get your children ready to head off to school in the next few weeks, we highly recommend that you take some time to review your insurance coverage. It's important to keep in mind that policy language varies by company, but below is a general guide. If you have questions, or want to go over your insurance needs, don’t hesitate to contact us! HOMEOWNERS Coverage of personal property: Most homeowners policies provide 10 percent of Coverage C (Personal Property) for property owned by an insured that is at a residence other than the insured’s.  For example, if the contents of a your home are insured for $100,000, a student’s property, up to $10,000, would be covered if living in a dormitory – provided the damage is caused by a covered peril and the student meets the definition of an insured. For apartments or houses off-campus, the ...

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California Court Bans Checking Maps On Your Phone While Driving

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In California, you can now be pulled over for using the map application on your smart phone while driving. Building upon California’s current ban on texting while driving, an appellate court in California v. Spriggs argued that the "distraction would be present whether the wireless telephone was being used as a telephone, a GPS navigator a clock or a device for sending and receiving text messages and emails." These distracted driving laws have a mixed history of effectiveness. In 2010, a study in the American Journal of Public Health found that "Any reduction in accidents following texting bans is short-lived, however, with accidents returning to near former levels within a few months." The most recent study, however, found that such laws are "moderately successful," but only if they are strictly enforced. The study, to be published in next month’s American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, only looked at scenarios where the blame could be squarely placed on (digitally) distracted drivin ...

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Why Are Insurance Rates So High For Teens?

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As insurance agents, this is probably one of the most common questions that we get from parents who are adding their teen to their car insurance. We understand this frustration and after you read the reasons below, you will most likely respond with “But, my teen is a good driver…” That may be true and you’ve probably spent countless hours helping your teen become a safe driver. If you have, then you should be glad that the chances of your teen getting into an accident will be less than most other teens on the road. 

However, it takes thousands of hours behind the wheel to get the experience necessary to avoid accidents and become safe drivers. Here’s a statistic to prove this point:

 The crash rate for 16 year olds is nearly 3 times higher than 19 year olds and nearly 6 times higher than drivers 20 to 24 years old.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to pay high rates for your teen to drive. But, you can take steps to avoid paying the highest rates and keep them down. ...

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage - How Important Is It?

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A personal story from Julie Sweeney, manager of our Tustin office. Do you know what uninsured motorist coverage is? Or better yet, do you know how much coverage you have, or if you have coverage at all? Let me tell you a story… It was Easter time, my dad drove my brother back to the base at Camp Pendleton after a family dinner.  On his way back home to Orange County, he was rear ended by a drunk driver, driving at over 100 mph.  The last thing that my dad remembered was seeing his car veer toward the center divider. He woke up in the hospital a lucky man.  He was alive, but with significant injuries, including several cracked vertebrae--a broken neck.  He would spend several weeks in the hospital and months at home in a hospital bed recovering. They did catch the driver of the other car, and he was jailed for drunk driving.  But, the other driver had NO INSURANCE. Fortunately, my dad did have excellent medical insurance through his work that paid the majority of his me ...

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